2011-09-29 - 2011-09-29

      Amsterdam Schiphol Airport


On 30 May 2011, the European Commission released a Report ordered to Steer Davies Gleave concerning an impact assessment of revisions to Airport Slot Regulation (EU95/93 as amended).

In the Press Release Vice-President Siim Kallas responsible for transport said:
” We have been concerned that the current system of allocating takeoff and landing slots at airports is inefficient, giving rise to delays and congestion. This has now been confirmed by today’s report, showing that up to 28 million more passengers could travel each year through Europe’s airports. I intend to bring forward legislation this autumn to tackle this issue”.
The political will to propose a revision of the Slot Regulation is clear now!
The Steer Davies Gleave study, which is the latest one published on the topic, gives a lot of recommendations about issues that should be addressed in a revised EU-Regulation on Slot Allocation.
In order to contribute to the debate before the regulators modify the slot regulation, the European Airport Coordinators Association (EUACA) which represents the Airport Coordinators and Schedules Facilitators in charge of allocating the scarce airport resources, would like to discuss these recommendations and their supporting elements with the Industry stakeholders during a one day seminar, organized on
September 29th, 2011 at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
The program will cover discussions on the recommendations concerning issues like:
?      Airport Slot Trading & Auctioning of new capacity,
?      Regional access to congested airports and Business Aviation,
?      Link between EU Slot Regulation & Single European Sky, 
?      Better slot utilization.
In presence of representatives from the European Commission, the European Parliament and Member States representatives the Aviation Industry will debate the report recommendations on these topics.
Please bookmark this important date in your diary, the detailed program will be sent out end of August 2011 and posted on the EUACA website. Registration and on line payment for the fee (equivalent to 400€ per person) will also be possible around that time from our website: www.euaca.org.
The number of seats is limited so if you would like to pre advice your interest to participate to this extraordinary seminar, just before the EU Commission plans to publish its proposal for a revision of the Slot Regulation please return this message to the sender adding your contact details to make sure to be informed as soon as the registration is open.

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