2016-11-08 - 2016-11-08

      Maritim Hotel - Heumarkt 20, 50667 Cologne

EASA CRM Workshop - “CRM in practice”

Scope and Objectives of the workshop

CRM and Communication has been identified through EASA’s Safety Risk Management process as one of the key priorities for Fixed Wing Commercial Air Transport operations. There have recently been changes to CRM training developed under RMT.0411 and the implementation needs further promotion and continual monitoring. For this reason, the Agency has decided to organise a workshop in order to identify best practices and discuss how operators, flight crews and authorities implement and oversee CRM and measure effectiveness.

The material discussed during the workshop will serve as input to develop safety promotion material so that the entire aviation community, specially operators and NAAs, can benefit from it. EASA will also use the opportunity to explain the changes introduced in the regulatory provisions for CRM in 2015.

Moreover, the workshop will seek input on the following specific items:

  • Methodology to assess CRM skills (real life examples)
  • Development of CRM trainers and NAA inspectors
  • Expectations from NAAs and operators after the new provisions enter into force