EASA proposes a new set of harmonised European rules to avoid crew fatigue


EASA published a Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA 2010-14) on flight and duty time limitations and rest requirements (FTL) for commercial air transport by aeroplanes. FTL rules aim at avoiding crew fatigue by introducing limitations to the way crews can be scheduled by airlines. This NPA proposes a number of safety improvements and areas for European harmonisation.

The European Parliament and the European Commission requested EASA to conduct a scientific and medical evaluation of the current regulation which allows national provisions in areas such as augmented flight crew, split duty, time zone crossing, reduced rest and standby, and to propose a set of fully harmonised rules. The new proposal is the result of the work of a rulemaking group that includes National Aviation Authorities, Airlines and Flight and Cabin Crew representatives.

This proposal is the first step in a fully transparent public consultation process. Comments will be reviewed and a Comment Response Document (CRD) will be available for public consultation. At the end of the consultation process, EASA will present a final Opinion to the European Commission that will then launch the final process for adoption by the European Parliament and European Council in April 2012.

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