Heliae and Azmark to Test Algae-Based Jet Fuels


Heliae Development, LLC, an Arizona-based algae technology company, and Azmark Aero Systems, an Arizona-based designer and manufacturer of small gas turbine engines, have announced an agreement to develop and test algae derived jet fuels. Azmark’s small, precision turbine engines are designed primarily for use in military UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles). The announcement was made at the 49th annual Paris Air Show.
Azmark’s innovative turbine engines range in size from the “World’s Smallest Turbine Engine” that produces 300 Watts of continuous power to a 60 HP Turboprop engine for UAVs.
“We are excited to work with Heliae in their development of renewable jet fuels,” said Azmark President and Chief Operating Officer Brad Caban, “We see a lot of upside to algae-based aviation fuels and our defense-sector customers are absolutely demanding that their engines perform to spec on renewable biofuels.”
“Azmark’s high-performance, precision engines are a great testing ground for our ‘drop-in’ algae-derived fuels,” said Heliae CEO Dan Simon. “These smaller engines are unforgiving when it comes to the quality of fuel that they require and we are excited and eager to engineer renewable fuels to meet and exceed these rigorous standards.”

Heliae will begin producing testable quantities of algae-derived jet fuels at its flexible end-to-end pilot facility in Gilbert, Arizona this summer.