Milestone for sustainable aviation: innovative fuel gains approval

Siegfried Knecht, Chairman of aireg: "The certification of farnesane is a milestone for the civil aviation sector. The fully-compatible, sustainable fuel brings us further towards achieving our emission reduction targets. Supported by the great interest of numerous airlines from around the world, TOTAL and Amyris have developed this breakthrough technology, which is opening up an array of new feedstocks. aireg will now work with industry, government and research partners to assess options for technology deployment in Germany”. The process called Direct Sugar to Hydro Carbon (DSHC) uses saccharides (C5- and C6sugars)originating from different feedstocks for fermentation by yeasts directly creating hydrocarbons. The technology has already reached industrial scale. Farnesene is produced in a facility with an annual capacity of 30 million liters in Brotas, Brazil.

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